12 DIY Costumes You Need To Wear This Halloween

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

With a little effort, a trip to the dollar store and perhaps a short dumpster dive you can create a clever and unique Halloween costume to show off this year. Don’t be the guy wrapped in toilet paper or the sheet with holes; click next for 12 original DIY costume ideas for Halloween, including some tips on how to pull them off!

1. Bag of Jelly Beans

This isn’t one of those “bean-there-done-that” costumes! You’ll be one of the sweetest people at the party.

How To: Get a clear trash bag, cut holes for your arms and legs to fit through. Print a logo or nutritional facts to add detail. Fill up the bag with colored balloons for the jellybeans and tie up the trash bag near your neck with a ribbon.

2. Bubble Bath

Rub-a-dub-dub! Keeping on the theme of balloons, take this costume for a dip.

How to: Depending on how much or little skin you want to show, get the clothing you’ll be wearing (white works best.) Blow up small balloons – lots to cover yourself. Then safety pin through the tied knot onto your clothes. I would recommend doing this without the clothing on your body to avoid minor flesh wounds. Accessorize with a loofah, rubber duck and some slippers. Don a shower cap for extra sass.

3. Rosie the Riveter

Opposed to the sexualization of Halloween? Then dressing up as one of the icons of feminism is for you!

How To: Rock some jeans and a denim long sleeved top. Roll the sleeves past your elbows. Tie your hair up with a red bandana around your head. Apply some 40’s makes up and flex your bicep all night. Either say “We Can Do It” all night or make a speech bubble sign to carry around. Here’s a good make-up tutorial to check out.

Source: Flickr/ SBT4NOW

Source: Flickr/ SBT4NOW

4. Derek Zoolander

Perfect your blue steel pout and only turn left all-night long.

How To: Get a patterned headband and an arresting gaze. Dark eyeshadow and purple lips preferred.

5. Piñata

Looking to get hit on this Halloween? Then the piñata costume is perfect for you!

How To: Have a lot of crepe paper and a lot of patience.